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The cloud-based second screen and social TV platform enabling viewers to engage with TV across multiple screens.

StayTuned In Action


Second screen content and advertising examples


StayTuned Step-by-Step


Step 1. A TV moment

Step 1. A TV moment

A goal and great saves are fantastic TV moments. New characters, plot twists, intense drama and news stories are also great TV moments.

Step 2. Real-Time Content

Step 2. Real-Time Content

TV moments trigger Mobovivo's second screen system to dig behind-the-scenes and sync engaging second screen content to TV broadcast.

Step 3. Audience Engagement

Step 3. Audience Engagement

Audiences engage and behind-the-scenes, social and gamification content.

StayTuned has the features to bring TV and mobile together.



Social TV

Instantly add up to 3 types of chat: including Facebook and Twitter. Plus, add the ability to share deep-linked synced and TV show contextualized content on social networks. Includes support for Facebook, Twitter and email login.



Advertising Sync

Integrate 3rd party ad engines, manage in-house inventory, and deliver native ad formats customized and synced to TV programming.




Add the most powerful second screen engagement possible with turn-key polling and leaderboard APIs.




When an actor or athlete appears on the TV screen, her Twitter feed and background information appear on the second screen automatically. Synced editorial content engagement is the #1 second screen activity by far. TV viewers are curious and adding this feature to your existing second screen solution is automatic.


Dive deep #BTS and engage with extended content.

Content Sync

Mobovivo's StayTuned includes the most advanced automatic content recognition (ACR) and sync technologies available. Visual, close caption, audio, operator and/or temporal watermarks and fingerprints are enable the best user experience for live and scripted TV shows.




With Mobovivo apps, brands get branded destinations to deliver content, engage with audiences, connect celebrities, accelerate marketing and monetize.



Multi-platform - including TV

Mobovivo's APIs and frameworks are available for Android, iOS, Twitter, Facebook, HTML5, Vizrt, and Chyron. The company publishes to all screens including TV.


Mobile users are accustomed to seeing themselves reflected in the media they consume (Facebook and Twitter). Getting mobile users to be TV viewers means that publishing viewer sentiment, graphs, media, and thoughts to TV is necessary to compete with mobile distractions.


Mobovivo's existing platform and APIs are available to TV networks to scale to broadcast level. Mobovivo knows that when TV says "Vote Now", "Share Now" that millions of TV viewers respond. 


Turn-key gamification, behind the scenes, and social APIs available for integration into existing apps.


TV is the #1socialNetwork

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Replays and Clips

Audiences can deeply engage with content by creating short clips and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and email.



TV Graphics

Real-time polls, quizzes, user-generated photos and videos, user sentiment, and social feeds overlayed on-air and synced to second screens with support for Vizrt, Harris, Chyron and other broadcast protocols.




Audiences may never find the remote control while engaging with a Mobovivo second screen solution, but if they do ... remind them what they are missing.





Explore the team, characters, players, statistics, actors, story, content and advertising with interactivity meant to keep TV viewers heads up and hands down while watching TV.




Measure and display sentiment so that audiences know where they stand. Measure sentiment so that brands know where they stand.

Broadcast Schedule

Deliver exclusive videos, social engagement, and photos between broadcast to engage with audiences all week - all year.


Audiences will check for new information, see where they rank on the leaderboard and enjoy the ability to talk about the show all week.

TV Expertise

Chat and sports scores is not what makes TV interesting. Suprisingly, methods of engagement the TV industry adopts may drive TV replacement. Stories, opinions, background information, interaction with characters, athletes, and cast increase TV viewership.


At Mobovivo we don't just alert TV viewers to the score, we tell them that somebody is about to score - so tune in now!

Find the TV "Beat"

NFL broadcasts are 3 hours long with an average of 11.5 minutes of actual play. They have 17 minutes of analysis and around 100 ads. Soccer broadcasts can last 3 hours with 90 minutes of actual play. The sports have very different "beats".


Scripted and reality TV have different beats from game shows and awards shows - each has its own "beat", character and story arcs. 


TV viewers are distracted from broadcast TV as much as 27 times per hour. Mobovivo's unique platform allows brands and producers to match the enivitable distraction of our mobile devices to the "beat" of the show.


Mobovivo platform delivers a heads up and hands down experience that maximizes viewership and minimizes "off-channel" distraction.

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How StayTuned Works?

Real-time behind-the-scenes, gamification and social for all screens including TV

Second Screen and Social TV How
Step by Step

Content and Advertising Extended from TV to Mobile

TV is an incredibly engaging medium, but that is not enough today.



  • 31% of Internet use is in front of TV and 86% of people have searched for information about TV while watching TV. 



  • During primetime TV viewing hours

         64% are viewing TV, 



       users engage with  second screens 

       simultaneously with TV.


Second Screen Mobovivo

Stay Tuned To TV Audiences

Studies show that TV viewers are distracted by mobile devices every 2-4 minutes. All TV programs have a unique pace and storytelling style. To stay tuned to audiences on second screens, Mobovivo creates second screen beat during broadcast and between broadcasts. Content, stats, social, images and videos are ingested, curated and published - synced to the show's unique second screen beat.

Tune In To More Revenue With StayTuned

Mobovivo's StayTuned Second Screen Solution is the leading provider of sports and live second screen engagement to the TV industry. StayTuned delivers sophisticated user experiences and advertising for Mobovivo brands and TV networks.


StayTuned is a real-time second screen content management platform that enables the rapid curation, management, and publishing of apps for social TVsports, musicnewsaward shows and reality TV.


TV Networks leverage the StayTuned Platform to transform static websites into real-time experiences that significantly boost TV tune in, website traffic, user engagement, and revenue.


Second Screen Sports
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