Mobovivo app / game engine for soccer, NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, The Academy Awards, and more so that fans engage deeply with your brand and content.

Live on ESPN, Sportsnet, Intel, AXS TV, CPAC, Time Warner Cable, The Hollywood Reporter & more. Fantasy games, polling, trivia, leaderboards, badges, broadcast and CCTV integration for sports and eSports powered from the Mobovivo platform.

Don't lose fans and audiences - engage them.

Fantasy, pick sheets, games, polling, trivia, leaderboards, badges and broadcast integration

Gamification In Action


Engage TV viewers in real-time and let them see what the crowd thinks on

TV and second screens

Editorial and Stats in Action


Go behind-the-scenes with interesting and engaging facts

Social Daily Fantasy

Engage fans before and after the game with easy to play game. Used in stadiums, sports bars, restaurants, and living rooms.

in-Game Polling


"Was that a good call?"

Pick Sheet

Earn points/badges and your way onto the leaderboard by picking the winner.

Augmented Reality

Need millennials to engage? Put a little Pokemon Go into the game with Mobovivo.

About Mobovivo

Mobovivo creates mobile experiences, live streams, and games including Augmented Reality titles for companies like CBS, ESPN, TWC, Big Shot, and Intel enabling audience engagement and creating new advertising inventory with content and games across all screens and platforms.


Mobovivo is a wholly owned subsidiary of ePlay Digital.

Howie Go Viral - iOS / Android

Outbreak ES - iOS

Outbreak Unlimited - iOS / Android

SwishAR ES - iOS

SwishAR - iOS / Android

Big Shot Basketball - iOS / Android

Big Shot Swish ES - iOS

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