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Award Shows

Oscars, Grammy's, Juno's, and more more, Mobovivo Game Engine has been deployed to engage audiences and create new advertising inventory.

ESPN Second Screen

ESPN Sync is the #1 sports app in the country. These numbers indicate that TV, mobile, and tablets are great companions for ESPN viewers. We know that 27 times per hour TV viewers are checking their mobile devices. We know that this behaviour is here to stay.

Luis Olivalves - New Business Director, ESPN


Merge TV, Social and Mobile

 Multiplatform White-Label Sports Game Engine powering Cineplex, ESPN, Sportsnet, Intel, Fiat, Time Warner Cable, and others.

AXS TV Sports

Intel Soccer Live

While our viewers are watching AXS TV live on TV they receive synced content enhancements on second screens. With Mobovivo technology, viewers now have a way to engage even deeper with our live programming with AXS TV Sports app.

Mark Cuban - AXS TV co-founder and President

Engage Audiences

Real-time stats, badges, leaderboards, broadcast integration, behind-the-scenes, gamification and social publishing for all screens: Android, iOS, web, and broadcast TV.

Second Screen and Social TV How

Social Daily Fantasy Game, Pick Sheet Game , In-Game Polling, Augmented Reality Game


Second Screen Lakers
Second Screen News Android Screenshot

Use Mobovivo's game engine and social daily fantasy platform to monetize, market, engage, and measure the impact of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TV, mobile and app video content on audiences.

ESPN Second Screen
Second Screen ad campaign

TV advertising is even more powerful when activated on all screens.

The Suburbia campaign was a great example how we utilized viewers’ smartphones alongside TV – as an effective way to engage viewers on their second screens.

Bernardo Magalhaes - Corporate Communication Manager, Globo TV

Brands Engaging With Viewers On All Screens



Reward Core Coins to your users

Core Sports & Entertainment Coin add to your campaign or game increases engagement and creates a loyalty and redemption program to reward  loyalty, viewing, playing and sharing.
Game Engine Demo

Game Engine Demo

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